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Total white | 2011Total white | 2011Total white | 2011Total white | 2011Total white | 2011Total white | 2011

By Mr. white

On 28, Mar 2011 | In | By Mr. white

Total white | 2011

The client need were clear from the beginning: “experiment of living in a house in white minimalist style.” The apartment is divided into two parts: a hall – living room reception and an attic, in a lower level, where all the living functions were concentrated through a clever study of the space. Great attention has been devoted to the creation of some stage effects, to details and materials experimentation. Light and matter are the elements through you can perceive the spaces in a total white situation.

Kind of intervention: Project proposal
Project design date: 2011
Location: Verona
Client: Private
Architects: arch. Saverio Antonini, arch. Dalila Mantovani
Net internal area: 135 sq m