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Residence La Val | 2018Residence La Val | 2018Residence La Val | 2018Residence La Val | 2018Residence La Val | 2018

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By Mr. white

On 13, Mar 2018 | No Comments | In | By Mr. white

Residence La Val | 2018

The green building project of a new residential building, is realized on the request of the company CF Costruzioni, and is located in a district of a typical village of
the Pianura Padana.
Architectural research has led to the experimentation of a simple and at the same time innovative language, where volumes refer to tradition
while a partially transparent metallic skin
, detached from the building, designs a new enclosure that filters light and avoids overheating of the walls.
The 7 apartments are all equipped with large terraces, designed as an extension of the living spaces. Great attention was paid to the choice of materials,
which are the most natural possible:
no coat, only clay and air as insulation reaching a transmittance of 0, 18 W / mqk for the perimeter walls (45.5 cm thick);
wood floors exposed, free of treatments / paints.

The great innovation perpetuated with this project is the plant engineering. The entire complex has been designed
to be in symbiosis with the environment, in fact there is no connection to the GAS network.
The main energy source will be the electricity obtained from the photovoltaic system equipped with patented accumulation batteries: not 7 photovoltaic plants,
but a single centralized one that supplies energy to the entire building according to the management logic of Easytech Srl.

A real integrated project that wants to launch a challenge: a sustainable building, ready to be placed in a real smart grid.


Project Tipology: New realization
Project design: 2018
Construction Date: 2018/2019
Location: Dossobuono, Verona IT
Client: CF Costruzioni Srl
Integrated Design: arch. Saverio Antonini, ing. Mirco Chiozzini, Daniel Garcia Barbero, ing. Tiziano Milani

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