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By Mr. white

On 17, Nov 2015 | No Comments | In | By Mr. white

MM House | 2015

The existing building will be demolished and rebuilt for the new needs of the family which is to create an apartment on each floor. As “head” of the houses curtain, the new volume will have a compact character which contrast from the houses by side dealing with some elements. The red brick, the windows regularity, the eaves and the porch are the signs of simplicity and of the rural place. The terraces aver the porch disappear behind a perforated screen, keeping the regular rhythm of the holes. The building is designed with the technology of the wooden Xlam and a systems which break down the construction price.

Kind of intervention: Demolition and rebuilding with extension
Project design date: 2014
Realisation Date: 2015
Location: Verona
Client: Private
Building Contractor: Sistem Costruzioni Srl
Architects: arch. Saverio Antonini, arch. Dalila Mantovani
Structures: Xlam
Net internal area: 339 mq
Energy Efficiency: A+

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