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Lottizzazione Centuria | 2008-2016Lottizzazione Centuria | 2008-2016Lottizzazione Centuria | 2008-2016

By Mr. white

On 27, Mar 2008 | In | By Mr. white

Lottizzazione Centuria | 2008-2016

The plan proposes a comprehensive system of open spaces of different scale and character. The rooms are organized around the courts or as terraced houses with private gardens to the front and the rear. On the back are grafted segments of agricultural land (urban gardens or orchards for use by residents) and the new system of public parks. Vehicular traffic, pedestrians and cyclists are integrated in a network with a clear separation of the areas. It is proposed a new type of street – parking green to access on the property, ensuring a precise infrastracture work of the urban system and the possibility that the plan will incrementally grow according to the needs of the actors involved, maintaining however a together consistency.

Kind of intervention: Lotting project
Project design date: 2008
Realisation Date expected: 2016
Location: Dossobuono, Villafranca di Verona
Client: Private
Building Contractor: still to define
Architects: arch. Saverio Antonini, arch. Carlo Mezzino
Buiding Surface: 37.181 mq
Volume insediable: 23.543 mc