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Lift up the house | 2013

Lift up the house is a project with an ecological approach. From the use of X-lam technology and the study of the genius loci, was born a compact volume, which seems resting on the existing one. The external cladding panels, made with a natural experimental material, are used to resume the chromatic contrasts context and also to define the details of the windows frames. The interiors are simple and basic but in continuous dialogue with the outside, through colors, lights and framing of the landscape. The heating system, powered by renewable energy sources and the use of natural materials such as clay, guarantee an high comfort and limit consumption of about 70%.

Kind of intervention: Raising construction
Project design date: June 2013
Realisation Date: September 2013
Location: Dossobuono, Villafranca di Verona
Client: Private
Building Contractor: Lignotec Srl
Architects: arch. Saverio Antonini, arch. Dalila Mantovani
Structures: Xlam
Net internal area: 152,13 mq
Energy Efficiency: A+

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