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Casa Bozzini | 2010Casa Bozzini | 2010Casa Bozzini | 2010Casa Bozzini | 2010Casa Bozzini | 2010Casa Bozzini | 2010

By Mr. white

On 28, Mar 2010 | In | By Mr. white

Casa Bozzini | 2010

Looking to the request of a reabilitation of an old court house, the new project seeks to evoke the history and tradition through shapes and materials. So the propose consist in a simple volume that remind the effect of full and empty spaces typical of the old houses with barn. Two massive walls protect the enclosure, shielded by blinds in wood and iron in the transparent parts. A vertical cut that cross all the floors create a constant dialogue between the spaces and a well of natural light; on the ground floor the interior spaces are mixed with the external creating hybrid situations such as  an indoor garden and an outdoor seating area. The project totally respects the principles of bioclimatic architecture.

Kind of intervention: Demolition and rebuilding (proposal)
Project design date: 2010
Location: Dossobuono, Villafranca di Verona
Client: Private
Architects: arch. Saverio Antonini, arch. Dalila Mantovani
Net internal area: 240 sq m